The Plant Medicine Path is a guide, community and resource for psychedelic healing.

Our mission is to provide everyone seeking psychedelic healing with the education, information, connection and integration necessary for safe, authentic and fully transformative experiences. We envision a world where plant medicine is safe and accessible to all, leading to individual, cultural and global healing.

Your path to healing, expansion and spiritual growth starts here.
Our Root to Recovery Geo Directory is designed for both seekers and practitioners looking to connect on the Plant Medicine Path.


Psychedelics have a long lineage in human history, and we believe they offer tremendous potential for healing, trauma recovery, personal expansion, and a path toward a fulfilling, meaningful life. From mushroom microdosing to deeply transformative ayahuasca retreats, there is a medicine for each of us, for wherever we are on our path.

Mark and Michele have pioneered their own plant medicine paths, and are dedicated to continual evolution and healing. The Plant Medicine Path is a community, guide, resource and entryway to this healing for all, offering Mark and Michele’s expertise and community of vetted experts to anyone ready to start their own journey.


We offer support and information for every step of the psychedelic journey, from pre-ceremony research and education, through choosing qualified providers, to post-ceremony integration.  The Plant Medicine Path and Root to Recovery Geo Directory provides one place for education, information, connection and integration.


Expert articles, research, reviews, experiences and need-to-know specifics on the array of plant medicines available, and personal consultations to find your right path forward. 


Vetted and qualified providers all in the comprehensive Root to Recovery Geo-Directory that meet The Plant Medicine Path standards of safety, authenticity and respect for traditional medicinal lineages.


Though your path is your own, you don’t walk alone. The Plant Medicine Path connects you to an engaged community of fellow travelers so you can experience, relate and integrate among others dedicated to growth and healing.  


Licensed integration practitioners and therapists provide essential post experience processing and the support you need to bring plant medicine fully into your life path.


Welcome to your plant medicine path. Here’s how we found ours.

We are both lifelong searchers, and we’d both been down healthy and unhealthy paths in our 40+ years of learning how to live.  For each of us, finding plant medicine was a turning point.

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Michele had over a decade of sobriety and spiritual work behind her, but still had the lingering feeling that there had to be more. More to life, more to discover, more to herself.

Mark had tried to find happiness in the bottle, in medication, in success, in pushing too hard and not enough. After his first psychedelic experience, he thought it wasn’t for him. But he kept coming back.

Years later, we’ve both dedicated ourselves to the lifelong integration of these medicines, and to helping others find their way to, and through, them.

What we know to be true is that psychedelic healing is a journey, and it involves so much more than just an experience or a retreat. Preparation and integration are what allows these powerful medicines to change your life.

In the western world, it is the preparation, the connection to community, and the integration that is often missing from plant medicine experiences. After starting on our paths, we both saw that missing piece, and knew it was essential. If we treat plant medicine like a pharmaceutical, we lose what it is truly trying to bring us. And so, the Plant Medicine Path was born in 2021.

Now, we not only live integration in our own lives, but travel the country and the world finding the safest, most authentic providers, integration specialists and coaches, so that others can get the most out of plant medicine. In doing so, we are building a community of healing, and a movement of awareness.

We are here to share our experiences and support you in yours.  Thank you for joining us.

Meet Mark

At 50 years old, I still felt lost in my life. I was depressed and I’d tried everything. I thought I could find happiness in a pill, in the bottle, in money. My journey really started when, unbidden, ayahuasca came to my mind, and I booked my first retreat. After my first experience, I was convinced it wasn’t for me. My ego pushed back. Three weeks later, I showed right back up and was ready to start again. That experience changed everything for me. Despite its impact, I also knew that something was missing. That just showing up, having an experience, and being sent on your way wasn’t enough. As I continued with plant medicine, it became so apparent to me that education and integration are key. I’ve been on this path for years now, and I really believe it is a path. There’s growth in every stage, and medicines for every stage. As my consciousness just exploded and expanded, I knew that all parts of the journey were important, and they all required education and integration. Because it’s a lifelong process.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: plant medicine is not a quick fix. But it works. If you are ready for it, and willing to be vulnerable and to do the work of integration, it really works. It is a path toward a fulfilling, meaningful life. Which is what we are all really searching for.

I’m here to evolve, and to show that evolving is possible. I’m all in on this path, and I’m all in on helping others find those experiences, that connection to others, that communal experience. That is so much of what we’ve lost.

We are all different, and the aspects of our experiences will be different. But we all need that community, that knowledge, and the guidance to integrate, to take the lessons of plant medicine and apply them in our lives. The Plant Medicine Path is everything I wish I’d had, and it’s here to allow everyone to find the information, connection and guidance they need.

This is a soul process. This is an individualized process. ​

Mark Medal

Meet Michele

I came to plant medicine with 15 years of recovery behind me. I thought I had figured out a lot of what it meant to walk a spiritual path and how to live. But there were still things missing. I always felt like there must be more. Then I lost my mother, and I just knew I didn’t understand all of this, all of life.

My first ayahuasca experience was incredibly intense. I had a lot of trauma to purge and a lot to learn. But I came out of that experience realizing that there WAS more, that I had only ever seen the tip of the iceberg. I began to see everything from a different perspective.

Early in my path, I had to work so hard to find information on what I was experiencing, to find anyone who could relate or inform me on what it all meant. In just four short years, The Plant Medicine Path has begun to change all of that.

When I first started this journey, I didn’t really know what integration meant, even though everyone talked about it. Now, I know that integration is key; without integration, these are just experiences. Integration is how you take the messages, the understandings, from your journey and bring them into your life. If you really want to change your life, to get the most out of plant medicine, you have to integrate your experience. Today, I integrate plant medicines into my life on a daily basis.


I’m passionate about providing a clear pathway to that vital integration. I wanted to create a place for people to find the community, the education and the integration to further their path. Because once you start, you are always going to want to go further. I want people to feel safe going further, and at The Plant Medicine Path, that is what we do. We create the community, the safety, and the direction to keep going. 

We are the medicine. We already have all the answers inside us and the plant medicine allows us to see that and integrate that into the life we lead.​

Michele Medal

At The Plant Medicine Path, we understand the courage it takes to embark on this path. We believe in the importance of connection with oneself and a supportive community. Our safe and inclusive space offers resources, guidance, and companionship to navigate your plant medicine journey.  Our mission is to ensure nobody gets lost on their way to finding their true, authentic selves. 

The plant medicine path is a process toward healing, fulfillment, and a life of meaning.  Choosing a psychedelic provider is a pivotal decision. Let the Root to Recovery GeoDirectory be your guide.

Our Root to Recovery Geo Directory is the first stop, providing you with Education and expert consultants to understand the medicine, the Information to book the right providers, and the Integration practitioners that turn life changing experiences into a changed life.

With our Plant Medicine Geo Directory, you can search and explore our comprehensive database by location, modality, or specific plant medicine practice. Connect with experienced practitioners and retreat centers who prioritize safety, ethics, and respect for the healing traditions they work with. Discover new healing modalities and plant medicine traditions from different cultures, broadening your knowledge and understanding of the diverse world of plant medicine.

If you’re a practitioner or retreat center dedicated to facilitating healing with plant medicines, you can join our directory and share your offerings with a global community of seekers.

Join us and explore the worldwide network of healing modalities through our Root to Recovery Geo Directory. Together, we can navigate the rich tapestry of plant medicine traditions and find the path that resonates with your unique needs.

The plant medicine path really IS a path. It's a lifelong process, lifelong changing of your consciousness. It’s not an easy process, but this process works.

Mark Medal