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Table of Contents

Provider Spotlight | OM Jungle: Traditional Healing in Beautiful Costa Rica

What We Love: Small group sizes, deep connections to the tribes of Brazil, Colombia and Peru, many modalities available

OM Jungle’s retreat centers in Costa Rica are spaces curated in love, and it is that central feeling of unconditional acceptance that defines participation in OM Jungle offerings. Based on the values of authenticity, devoted care and vibrant food, OM Jungle retreats are limited to an intimate number of attendees, guided by professionals with deep connections to the ancestral lineage of South American plants, and feature local food prepared by conscious plant-based chefs. 


OM Jungle Retreat Center

Their retreat space features an herbal garden that provides much of the food served, a pool and outdoor dining with exquisite views of the Costa Rican Jungle, semi-private rooms with private pods and a traditional Temezcal. This Temezcal (pre-hispanic traditional sweat lodge or ceremonial house) was built in a week-long ceremony by the medicine man and OM Jungle team, and every piece of bamboo was placed with care and attention. A traditional Maloka and fire pit, also built in ceremony with crystals and tobacco planted in prayer beneath the floor, provides the space where most of the deep healing is done.

The Birth of OM Jungle

This ceremonial center nestled in the bountiful jungle was born from a miraculous healing and a vision to serve others in collaboration with these powerful traditions. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, facing relapse and out of options, OM Jungle founder Angel began searching for healing groups and stumbled across plant healing. Unwilling to settle for a wheelchair-bound and painful future, Angel began the long and difficult process of detoxing off all five of her medications so she could sit through a full ceremony. After several tortuous months riddled with detox symptoms and doubt, Angel was finally able to complete her retreat in Costa Rica. She left that experience a living miracle; full eyesight had been restored in her left eye and she could walk without a cane. She also left with a mission and a mandate: to build a center where she could dedicate her life to sharing this powerful path with others. She followed that mandate fearlessly, leaving her home in Canada and building OM Jungle.

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OM Jungle has since provided thousands with access to these teachings, and a deeper connection to themselves and the world. The OM Jungle team works in coordination with South American Tribal Practitioners, the ancestral holders of these traditions, to offer authentic guided ceremonies. 

OM Jungle practitioners also bring a wealth of expertise in breath work, sound healing, energy healing and ancestral healing techniques; each participant is guided to the practices that align with them, knowing that whatever they choose, it is the right path. 

Traditional plant ceremonies are powerful experiences, opening us to profound insights and healing.

7OM Jungle offers effective practices and attentive support through the many different modalities and paths of working within these traditions. This proper guidance allows you to let go of spiritual and psychological baggage, and purge deep traumas that may have been carried for a lifetime.  OM Jungle brings you a safe and comfortable space to tread this path, where tribes from Brazil, Peru, and Colombia are invited to practice ancestral traditions, sharing their knowledge and gifts for those on the healing path. 

From Angel:  “Being a human and having to be human is to be messy. Healing is messy – it’s purging and it’s all of the things. We want people to come and get messy with us.”

1 8Support and Integration

OM Jungle is also dedicated to supporting the integration of this knowledge into the daily lives of all participants. With licensed mental health professionals and addiction counselors on staff, the focus on post-ceremony integration sets OM Jungle apart. All those welcomed to OM Jungle for retreats can continue sessions with their guide or other integration specialists post-ceremony, engaging in the real work of bringing lessons learned into living practice. Unique integration packages are specialized based on individual needs.

Both three-day and weeklong retreats are held regularly, and include farm-to-table meals, retreat and resting space in the Maloka and lodging in semi-private rooms, yoga, breathwork, supporting healing modalities, and Indigenous teachings from the hosting tribe. 

OM Jungle also hosts one day events including Temezcal and Drum Birthing retreats. 

If you are ready to embrace your authentic self and break free from the conditioning of past experiences, you can reach out to OM Jungle or book a retreat directly from The Plant Medicine Path site. 


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