Ayahuasca Intregration - How It’s Done

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Getting started with ayahuasca integration is all about setting the stage right. The sooner you dive into your healing journey with purpose the smoother the process tends to be. Remember, integration isn’t confined to just your retreat. It’s a continuous flow, even in between ceremonies, with insights still unfolding. Listen closely to what your body craves during the retreat and the weeks that follow. The jungle has this magical way of connecting us deeply, offering meaning and profound healing.

The medicine’s work doesn’t just stop at the end of a ceremony or when the retreat concludes. Ayahuasca sparks a profound healing journey within, one that unfurls over time, spanning months, even years. Integration, at its core, is what anchors your healing journey. It’s where YOU take the lead in embodying the medicine’s teachings, propelling yourself forward as an empowered individual, and consciously applying the positive shifts you wish to see in your life.

Preparation for Ayahuasca Integration

The process of ayahuasca integration starts before the ceremony itself. Getting ready can really set the stage for a more enriching and positive ayahuasca journey. It’s all about ensuring you get the most out of this experience. Embracing whatever comes up and going in with clear intentions can open you up to insights that hold deep meaning for your life. This phase can be focused on things like:

Preparing For the Ceremony: Make sure you have all you need to be physically at ease and emotionally grounded during the experience.

  • Understanding the Physical Aspect: This includes being aware of potential sensations like nausea and purging that might come up.
  • Following the Ayahuasca Diet: For a profound experience following a strict dietary regimen is a must prior to the experience.
  • Embracing Core Emotions: Values like love, surrender, reverence, gratitude, and connection
  • Setting Intentions: Gaining a clear understanding of why you’re choosing to sit with ayahuasca and what specific outcomes you’re seeking from the experience.

Tips for Integrating Ayahuasca Experience

woman standing in the field integrating ayahuasca experiance

Keep a Journal

Everybody who is engaging in deep intentional or healing work with ayahuasca should keep a journal. This journal should be with you during your preparation, throughout the ceremony or retreat, and in the integration phase. Having a written record of your journey, from start to finish, can offer invaluable insights into what transpired and its significance in your life. It serves as a space where you can observe your personal experiences and process them. Writing provides a unique avenue for processing and arriving at fresh understandings, distinct from verbal communication.


Creating a quiet space in your day for inner stillness is crucial. This could mean engaging in a seated meditation practice, or simply observing your thoughts while doing everyday tasks like preparing meals. Yet, especially in the initial weeks after your workshop, you might find it beneficial, even necessary, to go beyond mere observation. Allocating some time in your day solely for tuning into your emotions can be incredibly valuable. This process may naturally align with meditation, or it might require a more active approach to uncover whatever feelings arise.

A practice can encompass any routine activity, especially one that encourages contemplation and self-reflection. Whether it’s a yoga session, creative expression through art, keeping a journal, or even cooking with mindful intent – any activity can be transformed into a meaningful practice. Remember, it’s vital to set aside a portion of your day to quiet your mind and dedicate a little time to an activity that nurtures your connection with yourself.

Find a Like-Minded Community

As you reintegrate into your daily life, you may notice a shift in resonance with certain individuals from your pre-retreat life. In the jungle, you build genuine connections, forge lifelong friendships, and become part of a community of individuals equally dedicated to their healing journey. But once you’re back home, discussing these experiences, especially with those who haven’t shared similar journeys, isn’t always easy.

Having experienced profound, genuine connections during your retreat, it’s natural to find it a bit more challenging to relate to others in your usual environment. Embrace this as an opportunity to widen your circle, seeking out people with whom you feel more open and connected. You might discover like-minded individuals living nearby through various online Ayahuasca Integration Circles and Meetup groups.

Self Care

It might sound simple, almost obvious, but it’s often the first thing we neglect in times of stress or difficulty. Taking care of your body is necessary if you want your healing to persist. This means nourishing yourself well, even once the dietary restrictions ease, and striving for healthier choices each day. Practice self-compassion. Remember, as energetic beings, our well-being is deeply influenced by what we consume. Trim down on junk food and limit your intake of processed meats. Amp up your vegetable intake and go easy on refined flours and sugars. Be mindful of your caffeine and alcohol consumption, and try to savor your meals rather than rushing through them.

Incorporating exercise into your routine. It doesn’t have to be intense, but it’s important to keep moving. Yoga may serve as a wonderful way to stay connected to your ceremonial experiences and continue to learn how to sit with uncomfortable sensations. Whether it’s walking, swimming, biking, running, hiking, or participating in team sports, engage in activities that get you moving, pushing just slightly past your comfort zone without causing acute pain. This movement helps energy flow through and out of your body, ultimately aiding in calming your mind.

3 Main Steps of Ayahuasca Integration

woman integrating ayahuasca experience by meditation in nature

Take a Moment to Reflect

Reflecting on the experience is a crucial part of integration. This is where having a ceremony journal can be truly beneficial. Revisiting the ceremonies afterward helps you make sense of what transpired, draw connections between the ceremony and different aspects of your life, and discern the implications of the experience.

You will have a better understanding of what shifts should be made in your life to embody the insights, releases, healings, and fresh perspective on life. There’s so much going on in an ayahuasca ceremony that it’s essential to intentionally process it all afterward.

Process the Insights

Discussing what transpired with trusted people from your circle can greatly assist in processing and comprehending the experience. Humans are inherently verbal creatures. Narrating our experiences aids in making sense of them. This is why many ceremony circles and ayahuasca retreats provide sharing or integration circles. These spaces are specifically designed for verbalizing and exchanging what occurred. It’s a vital aspect of integrating an experience, and you may discover that by articulating what happened, your understanding becomes clearer and the insights you gained become more deeply ingrained.

Ayahuasca experiences are often so potent and profound that we can’t always put them into words at the moment, although all the pieces will eventually fit. You can have these conversations with a trusted loved one who can listen without judgment, with a professional counselor specializing in ayahuasca integration, or within a peer support group.

Implement Them in Your Life

Make a behavioral shift in your life that mirrors, acknowledges, or reinforces a significant insight or lesson from the ceremony. One of the most effective ways to do this is by asking yourself, “How can I embody this in my life?”

This is something you can directly inquire about during the ceremony or meditate on afterward. It might involve starting a new daily spiritual practice, letting go of a detrimental habit or addictive behavior, committing to communicate more authentically, or making adjustments to your diet or exercise routine. It could also encompass larger life changes related to relationships, job, or lifestyle, but remember that major shifts require ample time, space, and reflection. Making significant life changes immediately after a ceremony is not the best practice.

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