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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What We Love: Founders are initiated into the Bwiti tradition of West Africa, Strong emphasis on participant safety and preparedness, in multiple locations in North America 

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IbogaSoul founders Robyn and Mark met on a flight on their way to Gabon, West Africa, each on their own healing journey. Years later, after both completing intense shamanic training and initiation into the Bwiti tradition, they founded IbogaSoul and embarked on a shared mission to heal.  

Iboga As the SOULution

A leading provider of plant medicine in the West, IbogaSoul is the culmination of their personal journeys and professional expertise. They are providers of the sacred root medicine, carriers of the ancient Bwiti tradition, and initiates who have undergone comprehensive training in the safe and effective administration of Iboga. They are experts in the western plant medicine community and have received extensive media coverage as psychedelic healing gains mainstream interest, including being featured in the popular TV series Veracity- the Psychedelic Frontier and the award-winning 2019 documentary DOSED, the story of a young woman’s search for relief from opiate addiction through plant-medicine.

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Iboga In the Western World

While Ibogaine, or ibogaine hydrochloride, has gained fame in the Western medical community as an addiction and withdrawal treatment, it is just one separated alkaloid from whole Iboga root bark matter. Iboga medicine used for traditional ceremonial purposes is made from whole root bark, containing the full spectrum of alkaloids naturally found in the plant. 

IbogaSoul offers psychospiritual healing through traditional Iboga ceremonies and retreats in multiple North American locations, with retreats currently available in Mexico, Toronto, and British Columbia. Participants in any IbogaSoul retreat receive a personalized preparedness screening and access to post-retreat integration coaching, centering their experience on the whole-life healing central to the Bwiti tradition. Retreats provide guests with on-call medical support, experienced guides and traditionally processed Total Alkaloid Iboga Extract straight from Gabon, Africa.  

IbogaSoul remains deeply connected to the communities in Gabon that are the ancestral holders of the Bwiti and Iboga traditions. In 2023, Mark received a second initiation with tribal experts, honing the skill of bringing medicine to the West in a truly beneficial way. As IbogaSoul expands its services to Western audiences, remaining a student of new branches and reputable masters of the medicine tradition make IbogaSoul a leader in integrity and honoring the sacredness of Iboga tradition.

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IbogaSoul and Blessings of the Forest

In service of this mission, IbogaSoul supports Blessings of the Forest, a West African-based organization working to preserve and valorize their traditions and honor the sacredness of ancestral knowledge of plant medicine. As the popularity of psychedelic therapies grows and they become more accepted in the West, supporting organizations like Blessings of the Forest that protect the interests and cultural perspectives of traditional knowledge holders becomes more and more essential. 

IbogaSoul’s connection to the long tradition of Iboga healing also benefits each and every participant in their ceremonies and retreats. Mark and Robyn facilitate psychospiritual healing for those in search of a variety of benefits and believe Iboga can offer Soul-utions for anyone- whether someone is in recovery from substance use issues, is just a little overwhelmed with life, is on a path of spiritually seeking and wants to learn more, or is a financially abundant CEO who just wants to expand and experience new aspects of themselves.

Iboga can be the beginning of a trajectory of profound healing, and at its most fundamental, IbogaSoul’s mission is to help people. There is more available to us all than the belief systems that might be controlling one’s life, and Iboga offers an opportunity to look deeper into healing than many have experienced before. 

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Safety and Integration

The dedication to creating a clean and safe space to do this healing puts IbogaSoul apart. Participants get medical screenings, and referrals to ibogaine or detox treatments if necessary, and physical and mental safety protocols are prioritized across all ceremonies. Understanding that the journey begins long before a retreat, and healing must be integrated after, IbogaSoul’s pre-screening and post-integration services hold participants through a full experience.

Robyn is an expert in many post-integration modalities available to all clients. She has an intimate knowledge of the Bwiti study of life and is trained in the ancient art of Dagara ancestral divination as taught by the late Elder Malidoma Somé. Along with her expertise in administering Iboga medicine and ceremony, Robyn is a life and breathwork coach and has developed a unique coaching modality within the Bwiti principles, and provides pre- and post-ceremony coaching, enhancing nervous system and thought-pattern awareness.

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If you are ready to deepen your healing and find your own Soul-ution, you can reach out to the IbogaSoul team or book a retreat directly from The Plant Medicine Path site HERE

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