How to Find Reliable Plant Medicine Retreats in 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Many people from all over the world venture to South America in search of Ayahuasca ceremonies and plant medicine retreats. Others come across captivating tales of plant medicine while traveling through the continent. Whatever the case this alluring call can sometimes become impossible to resist, as plant medicine retreats offer unique opportunities for personal growth, healing, and self-discovery.

With the development of new technologies such as the internet, the days of embarking on a long journey deep into the jungle to locate an Ayahuasca shaman are long gone. Nowadays, a simple search for “plant medicine retreats” yields a plethora of choices. However, with the growing popularity of plant medicine, it’s essential to find reliable and reputable retreat centers that prioritize safety, expertise, and ethical practices.

Attending a plant medicine retreat in South America has the potential to be life-altering, but the location you choose is also detrimental as it will affect your overall experience. The key lies in finding a trusted space with a seasoned shaman who respects both the medicine and the participants. Also, there are some other aspects to consider, so let’s take a better look at how to find a reputable plant medicine retreat in 2023.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plant Medicine Retreat

Finding a reliable and reputable plant medicine retreat isn’t an easy task and there are multiple factors that should be carefully considered. After all, you want to have the most profound experience at the retreat and not return home disappointed. Here are the key factors to keep in mind when choosing a plant medicine retreat:


The location holds different levels of significance for individuals embarking on a plant medicine retreat. While it may not be a top priority for some, it ranks among the most crucial aspects for others. Hence, we firmly believe that it should be acknowledged as a significant factor to consider when selecting a retreat. Contemplate the retreat center’s location and its accessibility, taking into account personal preferences and needs.

Certain individuals may prefer remote and secluded locations, immersing themselves in the tranquility of nature during their retreat. On the other hand, some may lean towards retreats that are in closer proximity to urban areas, facilitating convenient travel arrangements. Moreover, there are those seeking week-long plant medicine retreats, longing for a setting where they can fully unwind, feel entirely at ease, and gradually integrate the transformative process of the ceremony.

By taking into account your specific desires and intentions, and carefully considering the location and environment of the retreat center, you can ensure a harmonious and supportive space for your healing journey. Remember, finding the right retreat setting that resonates with you can greatly enhance the overall experience, allowing for profound introspection and a deep connection with the plant medicines.

Expertise and Qualifications of Facilitators

It is essential to look into the qualifications and expertise of the retreat facilitators. Look for facilities with competent facilitators who have a thorough understanding of the customs and practices associated with the particular plant medicines being used. Verify their credentials, training, and any recommendations they may have received from reputable organizations.

What’s Included

Find out if the retreat offers different price plans and inquire about what is included. It’s important to be cautious of retreats that exclude food or lodging from their offerings. Take the time to compare costs with other plant medicine retreats in South America to gauge the average prices. There are all-inclusive retreats that offer delicious and abundant foods to enjoy while being their guest, and there are retreats that offer only a place to sleep and the ceremony. Looking only at the prices is not a good way to go since the cheaper option may not necessarily be the best one, and the most expensive option won’t guarantee you’ll have the best experience.

Integration Support and Follow-up

Integrating the insights and experiences gained during a plant medicine retreat is vital for long-term growth and transformation. Inquire about the integration support you will receive both before and after the retreat. This may include guidance on post-retreat practices, resources for continued support, and opportunities for follow-up consultations or group gatherings.

The retreat center should either provide a comprehensive welcome package or arrange an orientation call to ensure you receive the necessary information, guidance, and a warm welcome before your participation in the retreat. They should also inquire about any medications you may be taking as well as your mental health history. It’s crucial to be well-cared for throughout the process, and if you are taking medication, make sure to disclose it.

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Researching Plant Medicine Retreats

Once you have identified the factors above, researching a plant medicine retreat is the second most important step. Here are some effective ways to conduct your research:

Reviews and Testimonials

When conducting a search for plant medicine retreats you will come across a multitude of options. However, not all of them offer the same level of service. The ceremonies, activities, and overall experiences can vary significantly. Reviews serve as a valuable resource to gauge the authenticity and quality of a plant medicine retreat.

Read reviews and testimonials from individuals who have attended the retreats you are considering. Look for authentic and detailed accounts that provide insights into the overall experience. Overall reviews will assist in narrowing down your choices and making sure you select the best possible option.

Online Resources and Directories

Use online resources and directories that provide comprehensive information on plant medicine retreats. There are a lot of people who write blogs about their experience at plant medicine retreats, as well as those who vlog about it.

On the other hand, there are websites dedicated to psychedelic and plant medicine communities that often list various retreat centers, their locations, offerings, and reviews from previous participants. Leveraging this information can be helpful in choosing the best plant medicine retreat for you.

Contacting Retreat Centers Directly

It is highly recommended to get in touch with the retreat centers directly in order to have in-depth discussions that will help you obtain deeper knowledge. Ask direct and pointed questions about their retreat programs, their safety procedures, the facilitators’ credentials, and any other issues that may be on your mind. You’ll have the chance to learn more about the retreat center’s values, philosophy, and level of support by speaking with them directly.

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The Best Plant Medicine Retreats In 2023

While there isn’t a foolproof method to determine which plant medicine retreat is the absolute best, as each one offers different services and experiences, there are valuable guidelines to follow in order to make an informed decision. By taking into account the factors we discussed earlier, such as the retreat’s experience and expertise, safety protocols, support before and after the retreat, the inclusion of food and lodging, availability of reviews, and direct communication with retreat centers, you can gather the necessary information to make a well-informed choice.

In addition to these considerations, utilizing a reliable geo directory can greatly assist you in finding suitable plant medicine retreat options. A geo directory specifically tailored for plant medicine retreats in South America can provide a curated list of retreat centers, their locations, and detailed information about their offerings. This resource can save you time and effort by presenting you with a focused selection of retreats that align with your preferences and requirements.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to find a plant medicine retreat that resonates with you, respects the sacred traditions of the medicines, and provides a safe and transformative experience. By being thorough in your research, seeking trusted information, and utilizing helpful resources like geo directories, you can embark on a journey that aligns with your intentions and supports your personal growth and healing.

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